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[ in other words, we build kickass mobile apps ]


At CalARG, the California Application Research Group, a team of mobile application developers is pushing the limit of what is thought to be possible in the mobile app space. From iPhone, Android, and Windows apps, to web-based applications, no requirement is considered to be infeasible. Founded in 2010, CalARG’s core team of developers is headquartered in Stockton, CA. and is ready to assist your business in entering the mobile space.

Our Process

Our process is based on a proprietary incremental development system in which solutions are formed by collaboration amongst self-organizing teams.

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Our method starts with modeling.
To understand the project we must first understand the organization we are working with. What challenges do they face and how will our application overcome the problem domain?

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The problem domain model is then turned into executable code. The code is subjected to rigorous unit testing.

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Objective evaluation of quality means finding defects and fixing them, as well as verifying all project requirements are met.

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The next stage is to develop system delivery, how will the system be deployed to end users?

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Next, we manage access to project artifacts by tracking them and managing their changes.

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Finally, we have our development release. A new idea has been brought to life.


Available for:

Have you ever seen a friend, loved one, or romantic interest check in at a bar or restaurant via a social media site? Don't you wish you could be there so you could buy them a drink or pay for dinner? With Heres2U, you can be. Utilizing proprietary technology, this application allows you to purchase food or beverages for anyone, at any participating bar or restaurant. Even users without the app can make a purchase for their friends or loved ones as soon as they see them check in! With this revolutionary app, drinks are on you…even if you're a thousand miles away.

Memory Tag

Available for:

Leave your signature upon the world: Memory Tag allows you to create a scannable QR code which is linked with any video of your choice. Anyone who scans the code will instantly be able to retrieve your video. Create video greeting cards, time capsules, and hidden messages which can be placed onto a printable QR code and shared.


Available for:

Modern wine enthusiasts asked for an app of their own, and we gave it to them. FiveCorkz is wine gone social, allowing users to rate and share wines, play games, personalize suggestions and discover new wines the world over. With FiveCorkz, you can receive wine recommendations, raise your wine IQ, rate wines according to nose, color, and taste, and have access to one of the world's largest mobile wine databases of over 1.2 million wines.


Founded in 2011 by Paul Amador, CalARG has quickly grown into a large, sophisticated team of developers, committed to excellence in technology and continuing innovation. Our projects bend the boundaries of what a mobile device can do and our culture is informed by the latest trends in the industry.

Paul Amador

Paul is a self-taught software developer who studied computer engineering at Sacramento State University. He sits on the boards of the Flood Sister’s Kidney Foundation of America. He also served as public relations officer for the California Transplant Donor Network. He is the founder of Dance for Donors, a student-led non-profit to register organ donors which boasts the largest number of donor sign-ups of any College organization in California; they have received gubernatorial and congressional recognition. He was featured on The Katie Couric Show in 2010 when his organ donation sparked the nation’s largest coast-to-coast kidney donation chain. He was born and raised in Stockton, CA.

Paul Sukhanov

Paul is a software developer specializing primarily in iPhone mobile apps. He is well versed in programming in Objective-C, PHP, MySQL, Matlab, and also has experience with Python and Perl. With a diverse background including an education culminating in a Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry and a Master’s of Engineering in Computational Neuroscience, he is capable of thinking both creatively and logically to overcome tasks and has demonstrated these skills in the iPhone-side programming for all major CalARG projects. His long-term goals include performing research in the fields of machine learning and neuroscience, and the application of techniques from these fields to the improvement of human life and understanding.

Kirill Storch

Kirill is an internet marketing executive with four years of industry experience. His expertise is in branding, search engine optimization, and online lead generation. He is the cofounder of San Diego marketing firm, Electric Web Marketing. He studied political science at the University of the Pacific and has worked in the California State Assembly and on Capitol Hill.

Brandon Beach

Brandon Beach is a graphic designer and illustrator with over nine years of experience. He has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies such as Kellogg’s and Campbell’s Soup Company. In 2011, he led the art direction for Campbell’s holiday collection including their iconic “Campbell’s Soup Kids Calendar”. His other notable projects include “Two Men and a Truck,” “Pop Tart World,” and “The Pure Michigan Campaign.” He graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from Indiana University and an AS in Digital Media from Full Sail University.

Contact Us

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When was CalARG founded?

CalARG was founded in 2011 in Stockton, CA, by Paul Amador.

How much do your applications cost?

Every project must be custom quoted. If it is a large project, you will first require a specification report in order to receive the final quotation. Our projects range anywhere from $3,000 to $450,000.

Where is CalARG located?

CalARG is currently headquartered in Stockton, CA.

What does CalARG stand for?

CalARG is an acronym for California Application Research Group.

What kind of projects has CalARG done in the past?

CalARG has worked on a number of interesting projects, including:

An app allowing users to remotely buy drinks and food for their friends at a restaurant.

An app allowing for the creation of digital signatures which trigger video retrieval when scanned

A social networking app for wine aficionados

Fonte Casa:
A real estate searching app for the Italian market

Restore Stockton:
An app allowing the identification and location of city graffiti

What sorts of projects will you be working on in the future?

CalARG intends to enter the medical application market early next year by developing a propritary kidney matching algorithm to speed up the rate of kidney pair donation matching in the USA and across the world.

How long do your projects take?

Every project is different but the average project takes 4 to 7 months for completion.

What operating systems do you program for?

Our developers can create an application for any operating system or device.

What are your payment terms?

We have flexible payments allowing for financing in multiple installments. Please contact us to learn more.

Who owns the intellectual property of application?

Upon development of any given application, CalARG generally signs over the full IP to the paying customer. In some cases, customers choose to reduce their cash investment by giving CalARG full or partial IP over the final product.

What kind of warranties or guarantees do you provide?

CalARG provides full performance warranty and guarantee of their products and services, backed by financial remedy.

Will my app work on future versions of iPhone and Android?

CalARG designs applications to be update-proof, working with simple upgradability parameters to ensure uninterrupted performance across multiple iterations of any single operating system.

Should I develop an iPhone or Android app?

Depending on who your target audience is, you should consider developing either an iPhone ap, an Android app, or both. Please contact us so that we can run a quick analysis of your target market in order to suggest the best course of action.

What if I don't own an iPhone or Android phone?

CalARG will provide you with all diagnostic and evaluation tools needed to ensure proper performance of the app. You do not need to own an iPhone or Android phone in order to work with CalARG.

Any legal obligations are required to work with CalARG?

You and CalARG will step into a binding contract upon execution of the first payment. Contract details are available upon contact.

Can CalARG work with international customers?

Yes, CalARG is equipped to execute and deploy projects anywhere in the world.

Does CalARG have language capability aside from English?

CalARG has executed projects for the Spanish-speaking market in Mexico. However, all employees of CalARG are primarily English speakers. For projects in a language other than English we will sub-contract a translator. Please contact us for more details.

Are applications tax deductible?

Depending on the purpose and function of your application, it may or may not be a tax deductible expense. Please contact us for more details.